Goa Institute of Management will be now helping the state meet 14% of its target of solar power generation to be attained by 2022, set based on the Paris accord.

Goa State will Meet


Power minister, Mr. Nilesh Cabral said, “It is one of the largest solar power generation systems in Goa today. The institute should now soon be off the grid of the electricity department. Within the next three years, this dream can be a reality I think. The panels used by GIM are the best available in the market today.”

A 675 kW solar power plant was installed in the Goa Institute of Management (GIM) campus, which has been commissioned on 3rd April. Which is one of the largest solar power generation systems in Goa.

The plant was set up under the scheme of the state government that facilitates the storage of surplus solar energy generated by prosumers in the grid. The facility has been installed on Opex basis by JLTM Energy India Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary of Technique Solaire of France. The contract requires GIM to purchase all the power generated by the power supplier and the net metering permits the consumer to store the excess power not utilized in the grid for use subsequently, except during peak hours.

GIM director Ajit Parulekar said, “Goa Institute of Management has always been conscious about the impact of its decisions on the ecosystem around it and has continuously strived to reduce its carbon footprints. The solar project is one such initiative and is aligned with our efforts in adopting sustainable practices on campus. We are possibly the only educational institute in the country to have an energy management system where we track the live power per capita consumption across the campus. The consumption pattern is tracked and analyzed regularly via a specially designed software.”

The solar cells installed are of the monocrystalline variety that ensures a better solar energy conversion and utilizes a lesser roof area. The solar panels are of 500 Wp capacity and manufactured by Trina Solar of China. Parulekar said that the entire solar plant was set up in a record time of three months. PFX D’Lima, a member of the board at GIM and former director, said that the central government decided to charge all private educational institutions the commercial tariff which is higher than even the industrial tariff. The solar plant is now set to reduce the costs for the institute. Former chief minister Pratapsingh Rane said that the solar plant at GIM will also inspire its students and promote renewable sources of energy when they become future managers.



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