India’s power demand has crossed all the previous records (the last highest record was 182.89 GW) & set a new record with 185.82 GW at 9:35 hours on 20th January 2021.


India set the record


After the lockdown started in April to August 2020, India’s electricity demand was getting decrease because the economic activities were disrupted in the country due to COVID-19. After the end of the lockdown period, electricity demand started recovering from September 2020, 1.7% in September, 3.4% in October, 3.5% in November, and 7.3% in December.

If we saw the last January peak electricity demand of India, It was 170.97 GW (According to data from the power ministry). Even on December 30, 2020, the demand had touched 182.89 GW record & now It has reached 185.82 GW (India’s highest power demand record) at 9:35 hours on 20th January 2021.

“Power demand continues to surge. Yet another record – all India demand: 185.82 GW ie 185, 822 MW at 09:35hrs today ie 20/01/21. It has crossed previous all India demand of 182.89 GW i.e. 182, 888 MW on 30th December 2020“, Sahai said in a tweet.



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