April 2021 India’s power consumption grew 41% and has touched 119.27 billion units.

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According to the April 2021 India’s power consumption data provided by Power Ministry, consumption has added 41% more and reached 119.27 billion units.

As per last year’s records of the same month, it was 84.55 BU. Besides, in April 2020, the peak power demand was 132.20 GW & in this April 2021, it was 182.55 GW, which is 38% higher than 132.73 GW recorded in the same month in 2020.

Last year in April 2020, power consumption had declined from 110.11 BU to 84.55 BU because of fewer economic activities following the imposition of lockdown by the government in the last week of March 2020 to contain the spread of deadly Covid-19. Similarly, the impact of lockdown was showing on the peak power demand of April 2020, which was 132.73 GW, while in the same month 2019, it was 176.81 GW.

As per the industry experts, the Covid second wave may impact commercial and industrial power consumption adversely in the coming months, as the lockdown has all across the country.

Along with the same fact, Delhi still in lockdown has estimated a peak power demand of about 2150 MW this summer season. Tata Power-DDL, the power utility that supplies electricity to a population of over 7 million in North Delhi, announced that it has arranged up to 2400 MW.

The utility has stated its power arrangements for the summer months which include long-term agreements from power plants like Maithon Power, NTPC Stations, and Delhi-based gas-fuelled generating stations. Moreover, the company will also be getting around 20 MW from Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI), 180 MW from Sun Edison and around 50 MW from wind energy. The company had also exported power up to 200 MW to the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu during the winter of 2020 under banking arrangements and the same power shall now be returned by these states to Tata Power-DDL in the summer months of 2021. Additionally Renewable, Non-Solar, power has also been arranged from Himachal Pradesh. Any further requirements will be met through Power Exchange by the company.






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