On the 2nd day of the International Climate Summit, US President Joe Biden talked about how to develop clean technologies and industries to replace planet-heating fossil fuels while ensuring prosperity for workers.

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From installing solar energy in villages in Sierra Leone to making electric buses for American schools, the clean energy revolution the world needs for a safer future can also bring secure jobs with good wages, a U.S.-led summit heard on Friday.

The U.S. President Mr. Joe Biden said, “If we can keep the focus on the jobs we’re going to create, the economic opportunity, the growth – and in my country, at least, on union jobs – to provide the ability to raise the economy, raise the GDP, raise every part of who we are – I think this is just an incredible opportunity.”

Biden has looked to associate endeavors to battle environmental change with freedoms to make occupations in development businesses like efficient power energy as a component of his $2.3 trillion positions and framework bundle, which requires endorsement by Congress. The head of the largest energy union in North America, Mr. Stephenson told the event that so far not enough employers in renewable power, including wind and solar energy, allowed workers to join trade unions and secure their labor rights.

Stephenson said, “The current energy transition can be a win for the climate and a win for jobs as long as lawmakers commit to implementing labor protections that ensure new energy jobs are good, union jobs.”

Roxanne Brown, international vice president at large of the United Steelworkers, said, “The Governments around the world could put workers at the center of building a clean energy infrastructure by “simply making room for us at the table like you did today”. “Oftentimes, policymakers form ideas about what they think is essential for workers in a particular state, industry, region, province, or country. But only workers can best answer the question of how a net-zero economy includes us.”






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