225 Kilowatt Solar Plant

Aman-i-Khas is a sprawling tented resort in Jaipur’s northwestern outskirts that spares no expense when it comes to lavish luxury. It is located a short distance from Ranthambore National Park and Tiger Reserve.

To meet their electricity requirements, the resort opted for solar energy. Ornate Solar installed a total of 225kW of solar capacity for Aman-i-khas, with panels deployed across the estate. The solar plant helps the resort save close to ₹30 lakhs every year and reduce the dependence on fossil fuels.

Plant Specification


225 killowatt


Sawai Madhopur



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Module Type


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Enphase iQ6+

Panel Arrangements

aman i khas Satellite image

Plant Output

Est. Payback Period

3.2 Years

Est. Annual Generation

421.89 MWh

Equivalent Trees Planted

7596 Trees

Energy Generation


aman i khas daily generation
  • This 225kW solar plant generated 965 units on 30th January 2021.
  • 1 kW should generate 4 units of electricity daily , hence 225 KW will create 900 Units.


aman i khas monthly generation
  • This 225kW solar plant generated 32,670 units in the Month of May 2021 , Which is 4770 units more than average.
  • 225 kW should generate 900 units electricity everyday, so 900 units x 31 day will create 27900 Units in a month


aman i khas yearly generation
  • This plant generated 3,92,040 units from 1st Jan 21 to31st Jan 22, which is 61,740 units more than average.
  • 225 kW should generate 900 units electricity everyday, so 225 KW will create 3,30,300 Units in a year.

Savings Calculator



Rose Garden
Pool Area
Electrical Area
Parking Area
Area Covered
(meter sq.)
563.34 212.08 167.86 152.43 132.55
No. of Panels 255 96 76 69 60
Power Generated on 31st march 2021


505.246 194.01 86.11 + 12.89 + 47.37 = 146.37 131.28 113.09
Daily Saving in INR
@rate- Rs. 8.5/-
Rs. 4,295/- Rs. 1,649/- Rs. 1,245/- Rs. 1,116/- Rs. 961/-
Monthly Generation (KwH) 15150 5820 4380 3930 3390
Monthly Saving in INR
@rate- Rs. 8.5/-
Rs. 1,28,775/- Rs. 4,94,700/- Rs. 37,230/- Rs. 33,405/- Rs. 28,815/-
Annual Generation (KwH) 181800 69840 52560 47,160 40680
Annual Saving in INR
@rate- Rs. 8.5/-
Rs. 9,95,350/- Rs. 5,93,640/- Rs. 6,30,720/- Rs. 4,00,860/- Rs. 3,45,780/-

Savings after first year

Rs. 29,66,350/-

Savings after 25 years

Rs. 7,41,58,750/-

Products Used

Canadian Solar Panels
Enphase Inverters

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