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  • Solar PERC Technology

Solar PERC Technology: What It Is and Why It Matters!

Researchers are always looking for newer ways to boost module efficiency. As a result, the influx of bigger and better solar technologies in the market has gone up! PERC is one such innovation that emerged to solve the challenges of conventional solar panels and improve generation. Let’s understand what

September 7th, 2023|
  • Top 5 Hybrid Solar Inverter Brands in the Indian Market

Top 5 Hybrid Solar Inverter Brands in the Indian Market

Hybrid solar inverters offer the best of both worlds-on-grid and off-grid. If your solar generation is low, you can pull power from the grid. And when the grid is down, you can use your battery backup to power appliances!   Unlike off-grid solar inverters, the hybrid solar inverters remain

August 25th, 2023|
  • Is Overloading Your Solar Inverter a Good Idea?

Is Overloading Your Solar Inverter a Good Idea?

When your solar panels produce more power than your solar inverter can handle, it causes an overload. In simpler terms, you're using your inverter at a level higher than it's designed for. A lot of developers deliberately choose to overload their Inverters. What is the benefit of this? And

August 11th, 2023|

Elevate Your Outdoor Space with a Solar Powered Pergola

Solar has become one of the most common sources of electricity, especially in the residential sector. Millions of homes around the globe are adopting this resource to slash their electricity bills. But modern power needs are evolving. Rather than roof-mounted solar panels that affect the aesthetics of a building,

August 9th, 2023|
  • Top Off grid solar inverter brands available in India

Top 5 Off-Grid Solar Inverters Brands in the Indian Market

For a reliable power supply, off-grid is the way to go! These systems do not require grid power to function. Rather, off-grid inverters remain switched off most of the time and start working during power cuts. You can also integrate battery backup to store generated solar power and use

July 31st, 2023|

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