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Solar Case Studies

We will keep you updated with all the latest projects and installations we do so that you too can understand them and take full advantage of them.

Ornate Solar

Ornate Solar 23.6 Kilowatt Solar Plant Ornate Solar is the brand established by the group, its latest venture in to India’s burgeoning solar industry under which solar power would be made as easily accessible to

Madhusudan & Co

Madhusudan & Co. Pvt. Ltd. 9.5 Kilowatt Solar Plant Registered in 2016 , Madhusudan & Co. Pvt. Ltd. has made a name for itself in the list of top suppliers in India. The supplier company

Conaire Consults

Conaire Consults 20.8 Kilowatt Solar Plant Taking roots from the design and manufacturing of HVAC products for almost three decades, Caire Consult was established in 1996 with the objective of specialization in Air Movement and

National Trust for the Handicapped

National Trust For Handicapped 103 KilloWatt Solar Plant The Ananth Centre for Learning and Development is a prestigious organ of the National Trust for the Handicapped, in the service of persons with developmental disabilities.

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