Treasure Island, situated in Maharashtra, is a luxury resort celebrated for its picturesque setting, spacious accommodations, and wealth of amenities provided to its guests.

The company wanted a sleek carport that wouldn’t affect the aesthetics of their outdoor space. Treasure Island Resort opted for the unique technology of APL Apollo Ornate InRoof to fulfill the task.

Ornate Solar has successfully deployed a 148.24kW solar carport at the facility. The solution will not only provide shade to the parked vehicles and shield them against rain but also generate 216 MWh of clean electricity and reduce the resort’s reliance on fossil fuels.


Lonavala, Maharashtra
Solar Structure
Module Type
Module Type
RenewSys Mono Perc 545 Wp
Solar Inverter
SolarEdge Inverter
33.3kW and 100kW


Est. Payback Period 3.2 Years

Est. Payback Period
5-6 Years

Est. Annual Generation 421.89 MWh

Est. Annual Generation
216 MWh

Equivalent Trees Planted 7596 Trees

Equivalent Trees Planted
2,527 Trees

Why Choose Ornate Inroof ?

High Efficiency

InRoof is a roof made of solar panels that eliminates the need for sheet/metal roofing. There is ample space for airflow underneath the panels due to which they remain cooler. This factor, along with other attributes, leads to an efficiency gain of nearly 8-10%.

Waterproof Solution

InRoof is equipped with a double layer of protection. The fully mechanical top cover repels water and prevents it from seeping through. The second layer is an advanced MG shield which expands and contracts as per weather conditions.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Solar InRoof boasts a seamless design that can be adapted to diverse architectures and roof styles. This unique roofing system invites in natural light, effectively blocks excess heat and adds a modern and futuristic touch to your space.

Products Used

ornate solar

RenewSys Mono Perc

Ornate Solar

SolarEdge Three Phase Inverter
33.3kW and 100kW

Ornate Solar

SolarEdge Power Optimizers

Ornate Solar


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