Installation price of solar panels

When someone decided to go solar, the first thing that hits their mind is the cost. There is no denying that solar installations are expensive.

But people hardly take the time to understand the mechanics of the solar systems. What all components will you be buying? What do these components actually do? Only after you understand your system, can an informed budget be finalized.

In this blog, apart from explaining the average cost of solar installation in India, we will also discuss the various solar components and their role in the system.

Type of Solar Systems

There are three types of systems. The On-Grid solar system is known as the grid-connected solar system, & DISCOM provides subsidies on this as per their state government policies. The solar battery is not used in this system.

The Off-Grid solar system is not connected to the local grid, & consumers cannot get any subsidies on this. This system requires energy storage, that’s why the cost of this system is too high as compared to an on-grid system.

Hybrid Solar System is the mixed form of the on-grid solar system and off-grid solar system. The cost of this system is much higher than the other two.

Components of Solar System:

There are four main components in the solar system, which help generate electricity from solar energy. Every component of the system has its own function, and all of them work in tandem to generate electricity to run your appliances.

The Installation price of solar system will vary based on the brand of these components, warranty of the product & capacity, etc.

The major components are:

  • Solar Panel
  • Solar Inverter
  • Solar Battery
  • Solar Charge Controller
  • Panel Stand, and
  • Solar Panel Installation Accessories

1. Solar Panel:

canadian solar

The solar panel plays the chief role in the solar system so we can call put it the primary category of the system’s components. It converts sunlight into electricity. There are three types of solar panels available in the market which are provided by many new or old brands: Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline and Bifacial.

The cost of Solar panels in India, & its warranty vary from brand to brand & their Per Watt capacity.
For Example, if a 350-watt solar panel costs Rs 7000, a 450-watt solar panel will cost Rs 9000. Regardless, both panels are similar in appearance.

|| Warranty: 10 to 25 years (approx)

2. Solar Inverter:

That electricity, which is generated by solar panels, is in AC (Alternating Current) form. & electrical appliances run on DC (Direct Current). The inverter converts electricity from AC to DC. Many types of solar inverters are available in the markets, so their price & warranty also varies from brand to brand & its capacity.

Currently there are three types of inverters in the Indian market: String Inverters, Microinverters and Power Optimizers. The cost of the system will also be affected by the type of inverter you choose.

There are many trustable inverter brands in the market such as Fronius, Havells, SolarEdge, Enphase and Umang Solar Inverters by Ornate Solar.

|| Warranty: 10 years (approx)

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3. Solar Battery:

solar battery

Consumer needs a solar battery for energy storage so that they can use the energy as per their requirement. A solar battery is needed only in off-grid & Hybrid solar systems.

As solar batteries are very costly and have a short lifespan, many people choose to not install these two systems.

There are latest technology batteries available in the Indian market. The cost of solar batteries depends upon their quality, brand, capacity & technology, etc.

|| Warranty: 5 to 10 years (approx)

4. Solar Charge Controller:

solar charge controller

The solar charge controller controls the voltage or current & helps to save solar batteries from overcharging. There are two types of solar charge controllers available in the market. Both types of charge controllers are widely used in the off-grid & hybrid solar systems. The price & warranty of the solar charge controller depends upon the capacity (amps & volts), quality & varies from brand to brand also.


|| Warranty: 1 to 5 years (approx)

These are the four main components of the solar system. We knew about their work, warranty & those factors in which prices vary. Now let’s know about the other complementary components of the system.

5. Solar Structure:

solar panel stand

Solar Mounting Structures play a vital role in optimizing the performance of solar power systems, whether installed in utility-scale or rooftop applications. These essential frameworks provide the ideal angle for solar panels, ensuring they rest in the optimal position to maximize energy generation.

6. ACDB & DCDB Distribution Box:


ACDB takes AC power from the inverter & supply it to AC appliances through the distribution board. It provides compulsory protection to the device to protect it from voltage fluctuation damages. It’s mostly used with a grid-tie solar inverter.


Solar DCDB is used to protect the system if there is any fault during failure on the DC side. It can be used with an off-grid solar inverter as well as a grid-tie solar inverter. The price of both types of distribution boxes is based on market prices.

7. DC & AC Wire:

AC and DC both types of wires are used in installation as per the system’s demand. The cost of these wires is higher than normal wires. For these wires, many trustable brands are available in the market. Price also varies from their quality & brands.

Besides these components, there are many other smaller components such as lighting arrester, connectors, wire thimbles, earthing kit & installer tools, etc. These small parts are easily available in the local market and the prices of these parts depend on the prices of the local market itself.

Average Installation Price of Solar Systems

As the capacity of the solar system goes up, its per watt price falls. The approximate per-watt cost of systems from 1 KW to 1 MW is as follows:

System Capacity Approx. Price Per Watt
1 KW Rs 65
5 KW Rs 60
10 KW Rs 59
15 KW Rs 58
20 KW Rs 57
25 KW Rs 56
50 KW Rs 55
100 KW Rs 55
250 KW Rs 50
500 KW Rs 47
1 MW Rs 45

**Note: The above prices are subject to change as per the location, project size and, market.

This is the detailed information about the installation cost of the solar system. Leave a comment below if you have any doubts or suggestions. Stay connected for important information with Ornate Solar.

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    kamini ornate

    About The Author

    Kamini Gupta is the Content Developer at Ornate Solar. She is a solar enthusiast and has worked with several well-known solar brands and experts in India. She is also a poet and a storyteller and has performed in many open mics events.

    kamini ornate

    About The Author

    Kamini Gupta is the Content Developer at Ornate Solar. She is a solar enthusiast and has worked with several well-known solar brands and experts in India. She is also a poet and a storyteller and has performed in many open mics events.