A few decades ago, it was hard to imagine that sunlight could be harnessed and transformed into usable energy. But, here we are! Millions of households and businesses have switched to this clean energy resource to cut down on their energy expenses.

Solar is especially popular in the MSME segment, which is benefiting from significant electricity savings, reduced carbon footprint, and improved brand image through the resource.

Previously we discussed the details of a 250kW system. Now, we’ll expand on the 100kW solar plant category. But before that, let’s understand how as a business, you can benefit from investing in solar energy.

Why Should Businesses Invest in Solar Energy?

1. Cost Savings

The cost of electricity in India typically ranges from ₹5-6 per unit and is steadily increasing. This expense represents a significant portion of a business’s operational costs. Adopting solar energy can offer a much more cost-effective solution as the resource is notably cheaper and provides a valuable safeguard against future tariff increases.

2. Utilizes Unused Spaces

Your company might have access to many underutilized spaces such as building rooftops, parking lots roofs, backyards, etc. that might receive abundant sunshine. By installing solar panels, you can transform these unused spaces into clean energy-generating sources.

3. Low Maintenance

Solar PV systems have long life spans but hardly require any maintenance. You will only need to regularly clean panels to remove the accumulated dust and debris. Moreover, almost all solar inverter brands offer remote monitoring facility that allows consumers to check system health and troubleshoot in case of minor issues.

4. Multiple Finance Options

To promote the adoption of this clean energy resource, the Indian government has allowed multiple avenues of availing solar finance for businesses. If your organization aims to be more sustainable but does not have the capital to spare, you can benefit from options like solar loans and lease.

5. Improved Goodwill

Consumers, Investors, and other stakeholders are increasingly choosing organizations with good sustainability portfolios. Installing a solar power plant will help you reduce your company’s carbon footprint and build community goodwill.

Cost of a 100kW Solar Energy System

The cost of a solar power plant depends on multiple factors including brand and quality of equipment, plant location, roof orientation, inverter type, style of mounting structure, etc.

For example, a grid-tie system that works with the utility grid (if the power goes out, the system will shut off) costs less than off-grid systems which are independent of the grid. This is because the latter will require battery backup which raises the initial cost.

But if you are looking for an estimate, then the current price of a 100 kW on-grid system would fall between ₹50-₹55/watt, i.e. between 50-55 lakhs. The consumer can recover the cost in 4-5 years.

Energy Generation

In ideal conditions, a 1kW solar plant would generate 4 units of energy every day. By this math, a 100kW system will generate:

1. Daily: 4x 100= 400 units
2. Monthly: 400 x 30= 12000 units
3. Annually: 12,000 x 12= 1,44,000

However, these figures are based on lab conditions, derived during the testing process. Your actual generation can be higher or lower than the same.

Incentives and Benefits

For RWAs and Housing societies, the Indian government offers financial assistance (20% of the benchmark cost) for system capacity up to 500kW. For commercial and industrial consumers, however, there is no such subsidy.

But, consumers can avail benefits like accelerated depreciation on their solar plants. This allows them to depreciate this solar asset at a faster rate and claim tax benefits.

Also, for capacities up to 1 MW, certain Indian states provide net metering facilities which allow individuals to send their excess energy back to the grid and be compensated for it.

Area Required for a 100kW

A traditional 1kW solar energy system requires approximately 100 Sq, ft of shadow-free area for an optimum generation. Thus, a 100kW system would need 10,000 sq. ft. of roof or ground area.

In the case of an integrated solar Inroof solution, on the other hand, 1kW capacity gets installed in 60-65sq.ft space. Solar Roofs like Ornate InRoof provide better area utilization than traditional systems and accommodate 26% more panels in the same space. The fully waterproof InRoof structure acts as the primary roof for a building.

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Project Reports

1. National Trust for the Handicapped-103kW

Ornate Solar installed a 103.2 kW rooftop solar power plant for NTH, a charitable trust established in 1977. The system uses 258 high-efficiency 400Wp solar panels with Enphase Microinverters.

National Trust for the Handicapped

The PV system annually generates 1,75,000 energy units and helps the organization save almost ₹10 lakhs in energy bills.

2. Ashirvad Pipes- 91kW

Ashirvad Pipes, pioneers of India’s water management industry, replaced 6630 sq. ft. of metal roofing from their Bengaluru factory, with smart solar InRoof.

Ashirvad Pipe

The system will generate 150MWh of clean energy and help offset 3,150 tons of Carbon emissions.

Recent 100kW Solar Plant Installations

Company Name Location KW
Dev Agro Industries Bikaner, Rajasthan 106kW
Shovi Industries Surat, Gujarat 103kW
Bosch Jalandhar, Punjab 100kW
Advantis Quartz Rajsamand, Rajasthan 95kW
Jain Grani Marmo Udaipur, Rajasthan 95kW
Akesh Sangemarmar Pvt Ltd Ajmer, Rajasthan 93kW

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We have also developed India’s first Integrated InRoof system- which turns solar panels into the roof and eliminates the need for sheet roofing.

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    About The Author

    Nidhi Sharma is a content developer at Ornate Solar. She has done her bachelors in English and masters in Sociology. Prior to Ornate, Nidhi worked as a writer for different brands from health, aviation and pharma industry. She is passionate about sustainability and is currently exploring all things solar!


    About The Author

    Nidhi Sharma is a content developer at Ornate Solar. She has done her bachelors in English and masters in Sociology. Prior to Ornate, Nidhi worked as a writer for different brands from health, aviation and pharma industry. She is passionate about sustainability and is currently exploring all things solar!