Solar Inverter

Solar Inverter Analysis


In the previous blog, we learned about all the information related to solar panels. In this blog, we will get to know more about Inverter.

Solar Inverters are the component of the solar solution that converts then DC solar power into AC. That AC is further supply to our mains.

There are two types of solar inverter:
Off-grid inverter
On-grid inverter

The off-grid inverter is also known as a stand-alone inverter The off-grid inverter is commonly used in areas where people want to be completely free from the local grid. These inverters prove to be more useful in remote & rural areas, where access to the local grid is not easy. These inverters are self-dependent in every way.

The on-grid inverter is just like an off-grid inverter, just there is no option of solar battery storage. These connected to the local grid. The power generated from the panel converted into AC via the inverter and then send to the local grid.

Now, as we learned about Inverters in this blog, in our next blog, we will learn about the third essential component that is the charge controllers.

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