India's Cumulative Solar Installations Have Hit the 50 GW Milestone

India’s cumulative solar installations hit 50 GW in February 2022, according to the Mercom India Report.

In total, the country has deployed 43 GW of utility-scale solar and 7 GW of rooftop solar. It’s a significant achievement for the country at the start of the year as it works toward its goal of 100 GW by the end of 2022. The country now has a 53 GW development pipeline.

Solar Energy target

In March 2021, India surpassed the 40 GW mark. The original objective for the National Solar Mission was 20 GW by 2022, but that was revised to 100 GW by 2022. In May of this year, India passed the 30 GW threshold. According to the newly issued Q4 & Annual India Solar Market Update, India added a record 10 GW of new solar power in 2021, up from 3.2 GW in 2020.

In comparison to 2020, the country installed over 1.7 GW of new rooftop solar installations, a 138 percent increase. The country has reached the 50 GW milestone after adding 10 GW of additional solar capacity last year despite hurdles like the Covid-19 epidemic, disruptions in the global solar supply chain, and an increase in raw material prices. The installations could have been higher if not for policy uncertainty and market volatility.

Solar Energy target

At the end of December 2021, solar accounted for 12.4% of total installed power capacity and 32% of total installed renewable capacity. In 2021, newly built solar capacity set a new high, accounting for 62 percent of overall electricity capacity increases. 

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Resource: Mrecom India

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