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There are three kinds of inverters: string inverter, micro-inverter & power optimizers. They all transform the power your solar panels generate from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). This makes the energy usage. Do you know what to look for while choosing the solar inverter for your project? No matter which type of inverter you choose, there are three major considerations: warranties, operating temperature range, and efficiency.


Most people feel more comfortable purchasing electronic devices with warranties. Solar inverters are no exception. Most inverters have warranties ranging from anywhere between 5 and 10 years.

When you’re looking at a company, make sure you know what’s included in the warranty and what’s not.

Also, make sure you understand the terms of a warranty. Is the device covered in case of an internal glitch as well as in the case of external damage? These are all important questions to ask.



As with most electronic equipment, inverters operate best when they’re running cool. Operating temperature is the safest temperature range an inverter maintains.

Inverters will naturally generate some heat themselves as they do their job. Since they’re typically in an uncontrollable environment outdoors, they’re exposed to a wide range of temperature fluctuations.

Conditions aren’t always ideal and sometimes an inverter will have to work harder than others. The higher the operating temperature (the more heat it can handle), the better.


There are two numbers to look for in solar inverter efficiency: peak efficiency and weighted efficiency.

Peak efficiency will give you the efficiency of your inverter when it’s running optimally. It’s good to know what the best-case scenario is, but it’s also worth noting that it won’t always be hitting that level. Some days it might only reach peak efficiency for an hour or two, or maybe not at all.

Weighted efficiency figures in the variables like DC input levels. This gives a more accurate gauge as sunshine, temperature, and other environmental elements affect inverter efficiency throughout the day.

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