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Central Electronics Limited (CEL), a government-owned company under the Ministry of Science and Technology, has issued a request for proposals for the supply of one million multi-crystalline solar cells with a power output of 4.68 watts or more. The tender requirements:

  • Solar cell should have a length of five busbars
  • Dimension of 156.75 x 156.75 MM +/-0.25 MM or 157 x 157 MM +/-0.25 MM
  • Cells must have a thickness of 200 x 20 microns
  • Cells must have a wattage of 4.68 W.

The deadline for proposal submissions is January 28, 2021.

There must be no fractures, holes, cuts, edge chipping, smudges, patches, spots, metal printing line discontinuities, or color incompatibilities in the cells. The silicon nitride coating on the cells should be uniform and free of color fluctuations. The cells should be packed in lots of 100 or according to the vendor’s standard size.

To be eligible for the tender, a bidder must be an original manufacturer who can guarantee that modules made with the supplier’s cells will meet IEC 61215/IS 14286 and IEC 62904 requirements.

The vendor should be able to manufacture multi-crystalline solar cells in-house at a rate of at least 30 MW per year.

CEL has said that if the number of defective cells is less than 3%, all of them will be replaced free of charge. If there are more than 3% defective cells, the entire batch will be discarded.

In the event of a split tender, MSEs quoting prices within a price band of L1 (lowest)+15 percent will be authorized to supply a portion of the requirement up to 20% by lowering their price to L1 price, where L1 is a non-MSE price. If an MSE’s price is within L1+15 percent of the tender price and the MSE is L4 (fourth lowest) or higher (assuming L1, L2 (second lowest), and L3 (third lowest) are not MSEs), the tender quantity will be split as follows: MSE bidder 20%, other bidders 80%.

CEL issued a tender in May for the purchase of 500,000 multi-crystalline solar cells with a wattage capacity of 4.68 W or above.

Resource: Mercom India

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