Indian Railways Commissions 210 MW Solar and 103 MW Wind Capacity
Indian Railways Commissions 210 MW Solar and 103 MW Wind Capacity


  • Indian railways commissioned a cumulative 310 MW of solar and wind capacity, as of October 2023.
  • IR is targeting 30 GW of renewable energy capacity by 2030 to become a net zero carbon emitter.

The Indian Railways (IR) has set an ambitious target of becoming a net zero carbon emitter by 2030. Towards this goal, the organization commissioned 210 MW of solar capacity and 103 MW of wind capacity, as of October 2023. Solar panels were installed over rooftops and land areas under this initiative.

The Railway Ministry has announced this move is part of India’s broader strategy to transition to more sustainable energy sources and reduce emissions.

Moreover, there are plans in place for developing an additional 2,150 MW of renewable capacity.

Along with these, Indian railways have made considerable progress in the electrification of railway tracks. As of November 2023, 60, 814km of broad gauge (BG) network along fourteen states and union territories has been electrified.

Additionally, in a bid to meet its net zero targets, the railway has also started implementing energy-efficient technologies. These include the installation of LED lights in railway buildings and coaches and the production of three-phase electric locomotives with regenerative features.

The electricity demand of Indian railways is set to reach 8.2 GW by 2029-30. To achieve net zero emissions, the organization would require 30 GW of renewable energy capacity. To achieve this objective, several regions of the railways have begun switching to solar energy to meet their energy needs.

In July 2023, Central Railways announced plans to set up solar plants at 81 locations on the network. Moreover, in September 2022, Western Railways reported savings totalling ₹1.5 crore over four months due to the adoption of solar energy.

Apart from the installation of solar and wind energy plants, IR is exploring various power procurement methods to meet its energy needs.

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Resource: ET Energy

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