7 Essential Solar Accessories for Your Solar Power Plant
7 Essential Solar Accessories for Your Solar Power Plant

It is common to prioritize quality while choosing the right solar panels and inverters. It is also common for individuals to disregard the importance of high-quality BOS items / solar accessories to save money.

But such a decision can not only affect your generation but also jeopardize the safety of your PV system.

In this discussion, we will delve into the role of solar accessories and highlight the seven crucial items that should never be overlooked while setting up your PV system.

What are Solar Accessories?

Everything apart from solar panels and solar inverters is considered a solar accessory. This includes your mounting structure, cables, battery, junction boxes, walkway, etc.

Think of them as support staff, which helps panels and inverters in their functioning.

And each solar accessory has a different role to play. Some items like mounting structures are essential to provide stability to the solar panels and ensure they are facing the right angle. Others like tracking systems are optional additions to improve the system’s generation capacity.

If you installing a solar plant, you will certainly be investing in certain basic accessories.  But, here are 7 additional BOS equipment that you must choose for higher generation and better PV performance in the long run.

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7 Solar Accessories that Are a Must for Every PV System

1. Lightning Arrester (LA)

ESE Type Lightning Arrester

It is a myth that panels attract lightning. But, lightning can undoubtedly damage your panels.

This is a where lightning arrester steps in.

These devices are part of the earthing process. An LA is installed at the tallest point of a building or plant. If case there is a possibility of a thunderstorm, the lightning is more likely to hit the arrester than the solar panels.

The LA then safely discharges this surplus electricity to the ground, thereby maintaining your system’s health.

There are two types of lightning arresters that you will find in the market- Conventional and ESE-type lightning arresters. If you have the capital and are setting up a commercial large-scale solar plant, it is always advisable to opt for ESE-type arresters. These devices have a larger radius of protection and a lower response time.

2. Smart ACDB/DCDB Junction Boxes

Every solar plant requires junction boxes. These devices connect the solar array to the inverter and the inverter to the electrical load while protecting short circuits and electrical faults.

While conventional junction boxes protect against power surges, there are smart ACDB and DCDB junction boxes in the market that also protect against voltage fluctuations.

They are equipped with overvoltage and under-voltage relays. The moment the current voltage goes over or below the set threshold, the smart device automatically shuts the system down to protect it. It also automatically restarts the system after a few seconds.

3. Aqua Pi

Aqua Pi Draining Water from a Module

After cleaning sessions or during rainfalls, water starts accumulating at the lower edges of the solar panels. When it evaporates, it leaves behind a layer of dirt that becomes thicker over time.

Aqua Pi is a simple solution that eliminates this problem. This water drainage clamp is attached to the lower edges of the solar panels. It stops water accumulation and prevents dirt build-up, shading, and hotspot effect.

Aqua Pi also raises power output by up to 10% and costs less than a tenth of the price of a solar panel.

4. Walkway

Walkway installed at a rooftop solar installation

A walkway provides a safe and regulated pathway around the solar panels, in a rooftop solar project. This structure gives you access to your panels and aids in the cleaning and maintenance/repair process.

Commercial and Industrial installations, especially, require a minimum, 272mm walkway.

Our patented InRoof solution, for example, turns solar panels into the primary roof of the building. The integration of walkways in the roofing structure helps in cleaning the solar roof and allows technicians to troubleshoot any issues as they arise.

Had there been no walkway, the quality of generation and lifespan of the solar plant would have been seriously affected.

5. Hot Dip Galvanized Solar Structure

Many solar installations in the country use pre-galvanized mounting structures. The biggest reason for this is the low cost.

But, the biggest challenge with Pre GI structures is that they react with oxygen faster. As a result, the setup starts corroding quickly and has a lifespan of 5-7 years. This, in turn, affects the lifespan of the solar plant.

Instead, it is always advisable to opt for hot dip galvanized structures that are made with premium material and are more durable.

6. Copper Wiring

Aluminium and copper cable

Another example of cost-cutting in solar plants is the use of aluminium cables. However, aluminium has a tendency to expand and contract more in extremely hot and cold temperatures, which leads to cracks.

Aluminium wiring is also prone to oxidation, which makes it unsafe and unreliable in the long run.

Copper wiring, on the other hand, has a higher current-carrying capacity and can withstand extreme temperatures better.

7. Perforated Cable Trays

Cable trays help in organizing and protecting the abundant wiring required in a solar plant. But wires exude heat which can damage the insulation properties of the tray.

A perforated cable tray on the other hand is designed in such a way, that it provides proper ventilation to the wiring. Consequently, it reduces the risk of electric shocks and improves the lifespan of the system.

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About The Author

Nidhi Sharma is a content developer at Ornate Solar. She has done her bachelors in English and masters in Sociology. Prior to Ornate, Nidhi worked as a writer for different brands from health, aviation and pharma industry. She is passionate about sustainability and is currently exploring all things solar!


About The Author

Nidhi Sharma is a content developer at Ornate Solar. She has done her bachelors in English and masters in Sociology. Prior to Ornate, Nidhi worked as a writer for different brands from health, aviation and pharma industry. She is passionate about sustainability and is currently exploring all things solar!