Can We Remove & Reinstall Solar Panels?

Today’s solar panels are built to last for decades, but a lot may change in 20 years or more. Solar panels may need to be removed and reinstalled by homeowners from time to time. Maybe your roof just needs a minor repair, or maybe you’re relocating and want to get rid of your solar panels.

For whatever reason, removing and reinstalling solar panels is a delicate process. To avoid breakage or poor reinstallations that can reduce system performance or pose a fire hazard, it’s always best to use a professional solar installer.

If you need your solar panels removed and reinstalled, you’re probably concerned about protecting your investment, therefore we’re here to help you understand the process.

When is it essential to remove and reinstall solar panels?

Solar panels can endure up to 30 years if the manufacturer uses high-quality sun-gathering parts that can withstand harsh weather.

The high cost of purchasing the system is overlooked since, by the time your solar panels reach the end of their useful life, you will have more than recouped your investment through savings.

Solar panels degrade over time as they reach the end of their useful lives, and you’ll notice that the system is producing less and less solar energy than before. This should serve as a warning sign that the system should be replaced.

Roof repairs and solar power system repairs are the two primary reasons you could contemplate removing solar panels from the roof and reinstalling them.

Repairing the Roof

Even modest roof repairs may necessitate the removal and reinstallation of some or all of your solar panels. While it may appear inconvenient, uninstalling your solar energy system allows for quicker roof repairs and does not compromise your discussions. Hiring a professional to remove solar panels to replace or repair roof parts might make the procedure go more smoothly.

Repairing The Solar Panels

Many aspects of your solar power system can be repaired on the roof, but it’s usually safer to do so once the panels have been removed. Home modifications on or near the top, such as when working on branches, satellite uplinks, electrical lines, the attic, or your HVAC system, may necessitate removal and reinstallation.

Is it possible for the consumer to remove and reinstall solar panels themselves?

While a solar panel and its attachments are light, they are delicate and require extra care while balancing and operating on the roof.

Furthermore, solar panel removal is not a one-person job, so if the person aiding you is also a newbie, there’s a strong possibility you’ll mess up the entire system.

A solar panel system is a complex and intricate power plant with electrical connections that should only be handled by solar experts. Because a solar panel system is such a large investment, it only makes sense to commit your solar panels, as well as this solar panel removal, to professional solar installers.

That means you’re out of luck if your solar panels break and you don’t have any money. You’re virtually likely going to be left in the dark. It also means that if you live a long distance from a solar professional, you will have to wait patiently for them to arrive. Despite guarantees that they can manage the entire roof project at a significant cost to remove solar panels, including solar panel removal and reinstallation, many roofing companies lack the necessary expertise to correctly remove and replace solar panels.

Because solar panel installation and removal are not considered DIY projects, the odds of your life coming to a grinding halt if something goes wrong with them are very high.

How long can the project take?

Unless you have enormous or unique solar arrays on your roof, it should take a day to dismantle the panels and a day to replace them. Then there’s the time it’ll take to address the issue, whether it’s the roof, your solar panel system, or anything else you need.

As a result, the full project takes at least three days to complete:

  • experts will remove the panels in one day.
  • At the very least, the job will take one day to finish.
  • The panels will be reinstalled in one day.

More serious repairs will take longer. Thanks to open communication between you and the organisations involved, you should have a decent idea of when you will finish the project and any potential alterations in the solar panel removal project timeline before you start it.

Understand the process of removing and reinstalling solar panels

Before the removal planning, a site visit is a must

A thorough site inspection is required for the majority of removal and reinstallation jobs.

Scheduled removal

The service center will organize all removal and reinstallation dates with you and your roofers (if necessary).


Once we’ve removed all panels and racks, Capacity Experts securely packages them and stores them at your location in a chosen safe position.

Scheduling installation

The service center will schedule your installation at a time that is convenient for you.

Final check and reinstallation

Your solar energy installation will be replaced with new panels, mounting, and standoffs, as well as a workmanship warranty.

How Can We Help?

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kamini ornate

About The Author

Kamini Gupta is the Content Developer at Ornate Solar. She is a solar enthusiast and has worked with several well-known solar brands and experts in India. She is also a poet and a storyteller and has performed in many open mics events.

kamini ornate

About The Author

Kamini Gupta is the Content Developer at Ornate Solar. She is a solar enthusiast and has worked with several well-known solar brands and experts in India. She is also a poet and a storyteller and has performed in many open mics events.