The CEA in collaboration with CEEW’s and Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation have launched the India Renewables Dashboard where you can find all the data of the Indian renewable sector at the regional level, state level, and central level.

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No data was centralized related to renewable energy till now, so it was extremely difficult to obtain or analyze any type of data. But with the dashboard initiative, it will be very easy to get data-related information, all the data related to power generation will be available in one place.

Detailed information about all the ongoing renewable energy projects in India, will now be provided through the Indian Renewable Dashboard, with the help of which developers, policymakers and financial institutions will be able to build a better model. 

The director of CEEW-CEF, Mr. Gagan Sidhu stated, “Data accessibility is crucial for India to attract the hundreds of billions of dollars in investments that it needs to grow its RE capacity to five times the current 93 GW. In this context, the India Renewables Dashboard can help mitigate risk perception and make capital available for India’s green transition at more affordable rates. By doing so, it can help accelerate India’s much-needed energy transition.”  

As per this Indian Renewable Energy Dashboard, the total power generation by the solar sector in India on April 20, 2021, was around 172.3 Million kWh. At the same time, the power generated by wind energy was 168.3 million kWh.

An additional feature of this dashboard is that it will not only track RE generation data but will also provide information on the results determined in the context of CO2 mitigation.






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