Ornate Agencies has been awarded with the ‘Letter of Award’ (LoA) by MSEB Solar Agro Power Limited (MSAPL), a state-owned enterprise of the Government of Maharashtra.

This recognition places the responsibility on Ornate Agencies to establish and manage 23 MW of decentralized agricultural solar PV power projects across the State of Maharashtra by 2025.

This initiative is in line with the ambitious Mukhyamantri Saur Krushi Vahini Yojana 2.0 (MSKVY 2.0), commonly referred to as ‘Mission 2025’. The mission aims to revolutionize agricultural energy supply, setting a target of achieving 30% feeder solarisation by 2025. The initiative was officially acknowledged in a ceremony attended by the Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis. This showed the state’s commitment to helping farmers and making its industries more competitive worldwide.

In Maharashtra, where agriculture consumes 22% of electricity, providing reliable daytime power to its 29 million consumers has been a longstanding necessity. Decentralized Agriculture Solar PV projects address this, ensuring farmers have uninterrupted daytime power, and alleviating past inconveniences of rotational day and night supply.

Devendra Fadnavis highlighted “The MSKVY 2.0 scheme is a cornerstone in our pursuit of rural advancement and sustainable energy solutions. It aims to provide our farmers with a dependable energy source for irrigation, thereby fostering inclusive growth and economic prosperity in rural Maharashtra.”

The MSKVY 2.0 scheme, part of the nationwide PM-KUSUM Yojana by the Government of India, is tailored to fulfill farmers’ daytime electricity needs for irrigation. By transitioning agricultural load to solar power during daylight hours, the initiative seeks to optimize the load curve and reduce carbon emissions.

The electrification of approximately 425,000 households and the expected annual reduction of 1.75 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions emphasize the environmental and social merits of these projects.

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