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The Future of Solar With Machine Learning

If we talk about the Indian energy scenario, we cannot ignore the fact that today India has a population of over 500 million in the middle class. Soon our population is going to change the energy landscape globally. If India manages to provide reliable power/electricity to all, then India will automatically become an energy super-power source. For the last few years, data science and machine learning are also moving very fast. At the same time, the demand for data scientists is also increasing. Many sectors are using data analysis and machine learning to make customer experiences even better. And seeing its benefits, machine learning and the solar industry are going to work together very soon.

With all aspects, the Indian energy sector is facing a challenge, which aims to balance the critical aspect of supply, production, efficiency, and sustainability. For the first time in India, the hardware industry is collaborating with the software industry to create a sustainable and balanced energy distribution scenario.

In this article, we are going to discuss how machine learning and the solar industry are going to be interdependent in the future.


Solar Industry and Machine Learning: Future Initiatives

At present, clean energy or especially renewable energy is a big opportunity. The demand for solar energy is increasing day by day, the global solar energy market is growing very fast. It would not be wrong to say that clean energy is the new currency in the market.

Also, big economies are trying to become superpowers. And we all know that the one who will control data and energy will be the superpower. So let’s see how data science or machine learning or AI can help increase the renewable energy sector.

Smart Control Center:

If renewable energy is combined with AI in renewable energy, the necessary data can be generated. This data can give new information to grid operators or operating systems that can help the entire system to scale up the grid with better control functions. It can also allow energy suppliers to adjust electricity supply according to demand.

Integrated Micro Grids:

Earlier in India, the micro-grid sector was not given much boost. But thanks to companies like Dorstha Analytics and Boond Solar, people are now talking about solar micro power plants. Their unique business model has created new business models in the solar energy sector. Now anyone can set up their solar power plant with an investment of only 1.5 lakhs.

Micro-grids are often referred to as de-centralized solar grids and because they are decentralized, they have their limitations. With the help of smart AI solutions, these solar micro-grids or de-centralized grids can be converted into centralized solar grids and all these micro solar grids can work as one big solar power plant.

It will also help in transferring electricity from one micro-grid to another depending on the requirements. Smart AI solutions will optimize the work and energy consumption of solar power plants.

Safety and Reliability:

The security of a power plant or power grid or distribution system can be enhanced with the help of AI. Smart AI Solution can easily identify the error log and can tell problems before they arrive. AI can understand energy consumption patterns very easily and can reveal power leakages. This will help the maintainers to take necessary precautions.

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Market Expansion:

The introduction of AI in the solar energy sector can help the new business model emerge like smart energy trading platforms and the development of new and smart micro solar power plants. AI can also help Solar collaborate directly with the medical field or education sector. This cooperation can also generate new investment possibilities.

Intelligent Storage Units:

AI can help the International Solar Alliance develop smart and intelligent storage units. With the help of AI, smart storage units can be developed with smart energy distribution systems.
Hence machine learning can expand the solar energy sector in ways we cannot even imagine.

This was all information about the benefits to the solar sector from the artificial intelligence sector. If you liked this information or you want to give any kind of suggestion, then you can comment below. Stay connected for important information with Ornate Solar.

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