As per the recent UN report, “All roads to successful global clean energy transitions go via India. The stakes could not be higher, for India and the world.”

Carbon Zero-min


With a population of 1.3 billion, India is one of the most populated countries. Seeing this, As per a UN report, by the middle of this decade, India will also become the third-largest carbon-emitting country in the world.

Worldwide endeavors to capture environmental change and keep Earth liveable will fall flat without an enormous measured exertion from India to end emanations development that could clear out aggressive carbon decrease targets somewhere else.

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), India’s urban population is increasing each year to the current size of Los Angeles, which will increase to 270 million by 2040.

They will all need more homes, built with energy-intensive concrete and steel, more vehicles to drive, more goods to consume and more air-conditioning to survive harsher summers.

Yet, India shudders at being determined what to do, especially by Western nations that bear undeniably more verifiable duty regarding environmental change and still have a lot higher per capita carbon impressions today.

Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar stated before some days, “They emitted and therefore the world is suffering. India is suffering because of the actions of others.”

In 2019, India saw millions of premature deaths because of air pollution caused by vehicles and power generation.

But on the positive side, India is working on a fast-track basis to lower the carbon footprints. This can be seen in the Indian Solar Industry. Indian policies are helping to increase foreign investments in the renewable energy sector. Indian EV policies are going to give a further push to ongoing efforts of lowering pollution.

In bits and pieces, the work is being done but the real concern is that if we compare the work which is being done with the increasing pollution, it’s next to negligible.

India needs to work very hard to replace the old technology with the new like electrifying the entire Indian Railways which is going to be a very tough task. Ending the coal mining which will further cause a panic in the society as millions of people will go without jobs and earning opportunity.

If the world wants to survive, then they need to help India to become a sustainable country in every possible way.





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