Anti-Dumping Tariffs on Chinese Solar Glass Imports are Likely to be Extended for Another Two Years

The Directorate General of Trade Remedies (DGTR) has proposed that the anti-dumping tariff on textured tempered glass (solar glass) imported from China be extended for another two years.

Solar glass is still being exported to India at below-market pricing, resulting in continuing dumping, according to the DGTR. In comparison to the time of the original investigation, the dumping margin had grown during the sunset review examination.

Given the dumping and harmful price at which items have been shipped, the amount of imports from China is projected to expand dramatically, according to the research. DGTR discovered that solar glassmakers and exporters in China had a strong export orientation and large surplus capacity.

After investigating dumping, injury, and the risk of further dumping and injury, the DGTR found that anti-dumping duty should be maintained.


With effect from August 18, 2017, the Finance Ministry slapped a five-year anti-dumping duty on Chinese solar glass. Following a request from Indian solar glass company Borosil Renewables, the DGTR launched an anti-dumping investigation.

The DGTR discovered no significant differences between solar glass shipped from China and solar glass produced in India after a study. In terms of physical qualities, production technology, manufacturing method, and usage, the directorate found that locally manufactured solar glass was comparable to imported products.

Price undercutting and suppression

The landing value of solar glass from China, according to DGTR, is much lower than the domestic industry’s net sales realization. As a result, imports are undercutting the native industry’s prices. The weighted average lending value of solar glass from China is continuously lower than the weighted average selling price and the weighted average cost of solar glass produced domestically, according to DGTR. The imported solar glass was also discovered to be undersold by 50 to 60 percent per tonne.

Following the imposition of anti-dumping charges on China, one of the Chinese producers relocated its exports to Malaysia, according to the DGTR. Throughout the research, the aggregate market share of imports from China and Malaysia was considerable.

Recommended anti-dumping duty

Flat Glass Group, Anhui Flat Solar Glass Co, and Zhejiang Jiafu Glass Co have been recommended by the DGTR for an anti-dumping tax of $192.82/MT on solar glass originating in or exported from China. Anti-dumping duties of $253.39/MT have been imposed on Shaanxi Topray Solar Co, as well as $226.37/MT on Wujiang CSG Glass Co and Dongguan CSG Solar Glass Co.

Solar glass from any nation other than China has been subjected to an anti-dumping duty of $302.65/MT.

The DGTR recommended imposing a five-year anti-dumping tariff on imports of fluoro backsheet originated in or exported from China in March of this year. After Indian module producer RenewSys asserted that the Chinese fluoro backsheet is identical to what is made in India, it launched an anti-dumping investigation.

To compensate for the harm caused by dumping in the Indian market, the DGTR has proposed anti-dumping duties on certain flat-rolled aluminum goods imported from China. Hindalco Industries had submitted an anti-dumping investigation request for flat-rolled aluminum products used in solar mounting systems imports.

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