Cairn Oil & Gas will convert the Mangala pipeline to solar power by 2025

Cairn Oil & Gas, a unit of Vedanta Ltd., will convert its 705km Mangala pipeline that transports crude oil from its prolific Rajasthan oilfields to Gujarat to solar power by 2025.

On June 5, Cairn Oil & Gas will convert the Mangala pipeline to Solar – to commemorate World Environment Day. Solar rooftop PVs will get installed at all the 36 Above Ground Installations (AGIs) along the pipeline by 2025, they said in a statement.

The Mangala pipeline is the world’s longest continuously heated & insulated pipeline measuring 705 km runs from the oilfields of Rajasthan to refineries in Gujarat.

Mangala oilfield, discovered in 2004, was the world’s largest discovery of the year and India’s largest onshore discovery in 25 years. Mangala pipeline is a technology marvel that was set up to make the transportation of waxy crude produced from this oilfield a reality.

“In line with its decarbonization commitment to reduce carbon footprint, Cairn Oil & Gas is reducing their dependence on polluting sources of power and setting an important precedent in the industry,” they said in a statement. “They aim to shift the complete AGI load to solar energy and make the world’s longest continuously heated and insulated hydrocarbon carrying pipeline a greener and more efficient resource.”

The firm has already installed a total of 13AGIs with 15KWp solar rooftop capacity to reduce about 270 tonnes of carbon dioxide emission per year. Further, it plans to install solar on 10 AGIs each year to complete the project by 2025 and achieve a total reduction of 770 tonnes of carbon emissions annually.

Cairn Oil & Gas, in line with the country’s ambitious goals of achieving net-zero emissions by 2070, has committed to achieving net-zero carbon by 2050.

“For this, the firm has created a robust ESG road map with a slew of diverse initiatives – the first in the country’s oil and gas sector to take this step. The decision to convert its much-celebrated Mangala pipeline into a fully solar-operated pipeline flows from this ESG vision,” the statement added.

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Source: The Economic Times

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