• Nagpur district alone generates 251MW of electricity, contributing significantly to the state’s solar energy capacity.

  • Over the span of seven years, there was a notable increase in the number of solar power consumers in Maharashtra.

Nagpur district stands out in Maharashtra for its significant rooftop solar installations, reflecting a strong dedication to embracing renewable energy. As part of the rooftop solar scheme, more than 1.40 lakh houses and buildings across the state have adopted solar panels, with Nagpur district alone accounting for 24,357 installations, constituting 17.29% of the total.

The Rooftop Solar Scheme offers subsidies to customers for installing solar panels, leading to reduced electricity bills and surplus electricity generation, benefitting both consumers and the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd (MSEDCL).

MSEDCL PRO Yogesh Vitankar said that the residents of Nagpur have responded positively to the Rooftop Solar Scheme, with Nagpur leading the state in solar panel installations. “Many districts have not even crossed the 10,000 mark while Nagpur has reached over 24,000 installations. We are way ahead of others,” said Vitankar.

Over seven years, the count of solar power consumers in Maharashtra saw a significant rise. Initially, 1,074 consumers were generating 20MW of solar power. By 2022-23, this number increased to around 76,808, and by the last fiscal year, it more than doubled to reach 1.40 lakh consumers.

Consumers using solar energy, experience lower electricity bills due to decreased reliance on traditional power sources, with surplus energy often leading to discounts or even zero electricity bills.

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Resource: The Times of India

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