NTPC Floats BoS Tender for 1,255 MW of Solar Projects in Gujarat

NTPC Renewable Energy (NTPC Renewables) has issued a request for proposals for a balance of system (BoS) package for solar power projects totaling of 1,255 MW (3 projects of 315 MW and one of 310 MW) in the Khavda Renewable Park in Gujarat’s Kutch area.

The scope of work covers design, engineering, manufacturing, supply, packing and forwarding, transportation, unloading, storage, installation, testing, and commissioning of solar power projects but excludes the supply of solar modules.

The project will also comprise the design and construction of the foundation and the erection of a tracker-based module mounting structure for the solar panels, as well as the installation of the modules on the tracker and solar modules interconnection.

The deadline for bid submissions is July 6, 2022. On the same day, bids will be opened.

Bidders will be required to provide a bid security deposit of ₹100 million for one block of 315 MW and ₹200 million for two or more blocks of 315 MW a piece.

As an engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractor or developer, the bidder must have designed, supplied, constructed, and commissioned the balance of system of grid-connected solar power projects with a cumulative installed capacity of 40 MW or more than that. At least one project should have had a capacity of 10 MW or more.

The reference project, with a capacity of 10 MW or more, must have been operational for at least six months prior to the bid opening.

The reference grid-connected solar power plant of 10 MW or greater capacity produced by the bidder for itself or any other client shall be at a single location.

Alternatively, the bidder must have completed an industrial project of a minimum financial figure as specified in the table below, either as a developer or as an EPC contractor, in the last ten years in the areas of power, steel, oil & gas, petrochemical, fertilizer, cement, coal mining, or any other process industry. At least one year prior to the bid opening date, the same should have been in operation.

NTPC: Minimum value of the Project Executed by the Bidder

Either as a developer or as an EPC contractor, the bidder must have completed at least one electrical substation of 33 kV or higher voltage level, consisting of equipment such as 33 kV or higher voltage level circuit breakers and power transformer, and which must have been in operation for at least one year prior to the bid opening.

The bidder’s average annual turnover should be ₹1 billion for Block-1, ₹3 billion for Block-1+Block-2, ₹7 billion for Block-1+Block-2+ Block-3, and ₹13 billion for Block-1+Block-2+ Block-3+Block-4 during any three of the previous five financial years.

The bidder’s net worth should not be less than 100% of the bidder’s paid-up share capital as of the final day of the previous financial year.

Bidders from countries that share a land border with India are eligible to participate.

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Resource: Mercom India

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