Rajasthan Government Raises Net Metering Cap to 1 MW
Rajasthan Government Raises Net Metering Cap to 1 MW


  • RERC has raised the net metering cap from 500kW to 1 MW
  • The move will allow industrial and solar consumers to benefit from net metering and expand the state’s clean energy infrastructure.

Rajasthan Electricity Regulatory Commission (RERC) has increased the net metering cap for solar rooftop projects. Earlier, individuals could avail net metering facility only up to 500kW capacity. Now, with the state’s ambitious renewable energy targets in mind, the state has raised this limit to 1 MW.

Net metering is a billing mechanism under which establishments can send their surplus generated power to the grid and get compensated for it. The DISCOMs buy this energy at the same price as the local electricity tariff, which leads to higher savings.

“It is also observed that certain establishments have the capacity to install higher roof top solar plants in their premises. Hence, due to this aspect and also to encourage higher penetration of RTS (rooftop solar), the commission decides to increase the capacity limit of net-metering arrangement from 500KW to 1MW,” state the commission.

RERC also explained that there has been a power shortage in the state, which has forced the distribution companies to buy expensive power from exchanges. The state has also set a new target of supplying daytime power to agricultural consumers.

This move will help the state meet its electricity demand and boost clean energy infrastructure. Experts say that this hike will benefit industrial and commercial consumers who are held back while installing solar energy plants despite having a higher demand.

Rajasthan has the highest solar energy potential in India. However, the installed rooftop solar capacity of the state is merely 1 GW. To raise this capacity and expand the renewable energy infrastructure, the state has also unveiled an ambitious energy policy with a target of developing 90 GW of solar and wind capacity by 2030.

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Resource: The Times of India

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