Telangana to Solarize 500 Schools by March 2023


  • Telangana announced plans to solarize 1,521 schools in 2022, out of which 500 schools will get rooftop solar plants by March.
  • The total cost of the project is estimated to be ₹32 crores.
  • Through the initiative, educational institutions will be able to reduce power bills and earn extra income by selling surplus energy to the grid.

In 2022, the Telangana government announced plans to install rooftop solar panels over 1,521 school buildings in 12 districts. Out of that number, panels have already been installed over 100 schools and about 500 schools will have access to solar energy by March.

The state government is expecting to finish the work of all 1,521 schools within the next few months.

In September 2022, TSREDCO issuyed tenders for the rooftop solar installations and selected 11 vendors for the task. The developer will set up solar power plants between 2kW- 5kW capacity over school buildings. According to the Telangana State Renewable Energy Development Corporation (TSREDCO), work orders for the installation have already been issued for 453 schools.

Moreover, educational institutions with an enrollment of over 200 have been selected for the project. Out of the 1,521 institutions on the list, about 916 are under the Southern Power Distribution Company Limited, and 605 are under the Northern Power Distribution Company Limited. The total cost of the project is estimated to be around 32 crores.

“Of late, government schools have increasingly become interactive due to smart classes and usage of computer systems in large numbers. This has led to higher electricity bills for the schools. The solar panels installed in schools will reduce the power bill loads while providing uninterrupted power supply,” a senior official said.

Further, the solar plants will also allow schools to earn money by exporting their excess energy back to the grid.

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Resource: Telangana Today

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