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Solar Panel and Inverter Distributor in Varanasi

Varanasi, also known as Banaras or Kashi, is one of the world’s oldest living cities. Varanasi’s importance in Hindu mythology is mostly unknown. This is thought to be the world’s oldest inhabited city. For ages, the mystique of this location has drawn pilgrims from all around India and the world. Varanasi is also India’s cultural capital, has created the ideal environment for all cultural pursuits to flourish.

Varanasi has produced many dances and music artists. Ustad Bismillah Khan (the legendary Shehnai player) and Ravi Shankar, the internationally renowned Sitar maestro, have both lived here for a significant portion of their lives. Varanasi District’s population in 2022 is 4,148,622, which is the sixth-largest city in terms of population in Uttar Pradesh. Along with it, energy consumption is also increasing. As a result of the increasing energy consumption, the city is experiencing climate change. Solar panel and inverter distributors in Varanasi have increased their commercial activities because people became aware of the environmental conditions.

With an installation base of over 576 MW and over 24,085 Solar Inverters shipped by an extensive service network spread across India, Ornate Solar has proven to be a reliable and trusted distributor across India. Moreover, Ornate Solar is an exclusive official partner of the Canadian Solar Panels in India. At Ornate Solar, we offer solar panels, solar inverters, and complete energy management solutions across Varanasi. We have gained a considerable reputation as an active contributor in shaping the solar revolution in the country by successfully delivering projects across various segments such as Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Institutions, NGOs, Hospitals, Educational institutions, Cold storages, Hotels, etc.

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