Bhopal’s Rooftop Solar Installations Jump by Nearly 100% in 6 Months


  • Rooftop solar installations booming in Bhopal
  • The availability of net metering facilities is one of the key reasons behind the growth

Rooftop solar installations are booming in Bhopal as residents increasingly opt for clean energy. Till November 1st, 2022, the city had over 2,970 rooftop solar installations. However, Bhopal witnessed about 2,122 new installations in the past six months alone, reflecting an almost 100% growth in the sector.

The total amount of rooftop solar plants in the city stands at 5,092, out of which 1,949 consumers are from the west division of the city. Moreover, 503 solar projects out of these 1,948 have been installed at the Vidhya Nagar Distribution Centre.

“The demand for solar connections is coming from all types of consumers, but educated retired people are taking more interest in it. The areas in our distribution centre where it has gained maximum reception are Bawadiyan Kalan and Misrod,” said the central discom at Vidhya Nagar.

Moreover, one of the top reasons cited for this growth is the net metering policy which was approved by the state cabinet in 2016. Net metering is a billing system, that allows consumers to send their surplus energy back to the utility grid and earn credits for the same.

Madhya Pradesh has taken major steps to boost its renewable energy capacity, especially solar power, in recent years. Recently, the state announced plans to turn Sanchi into World’s first net zero city. What’s more, the World’s largest floating solar plant of 600 MW is being built in the state.

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Resource: The Times of India

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