Enphase Energy, a global energy technology company, showcased their newest range of microinverters-IQ7A and IQ8H, and the latest IQ battery 5P at the Renewable Energy Expo 2022. The solar solutions are designed for residential consumers in India.

  • IQ7A are reliable, efficient, and easy-to-install microinverter solutions that are already powering many homes in India.
  • 1Q8H are grid-forming microinverters with split-phase power conversion capability to convert DC power to AC power efficiently. They will soon be launched in India.
  • IQ batteries, with long shelf lives, support consumers looking for more energy independence. They will be released in India very soon.

“We plan to move towards providing a complete home energy solution to Indian homeowners and will soon introduce grid agnostic microinverters and storage solutions in India,” says Sunil Thamaran, Vice president and MD of Enphase Energy India.

The company claims that its inverters are future-proof, and can form a microgrid for complete energy independence.

California-based brand Enphase energy is the leading manufacturer of microinverters in the world. In the last five years, thousands of solar power systems with Enphase technology have been installed in the country.

The organization has deployed more than 48 million microinverters and over 2.5 million systems in more than 140 countries. Enphase solar solutions also power India’s largest building-integrated solar roof at Pangaea Natural Stone’s production facility in Rajasthan.

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Resource: Business Standard

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