Indore to Solarize 30,000 Households in Next 3 Months
Indore to Solarize 30,000 Households in Next 3 Months


  • Indore is planning to become a solar city in the next 11 months
  • The city government will install 25,000-30,000 rooftop solar plants and solarize all government buildings.

In a bold move, Indore has set a target of becoming a solar city in the next 11 months. To achieve this goal, the city government is encouraging power consumers to switch to clean energy by installing solar panels on their roofs.

A high-level meeting, chaired by Indore’s Mayor Pushyamitra Bhargav, was conducted on Tuesday, 17th Jan regarding this initiative.

Around 25,000-30,000 rooftop solar systems will be installed in the city within the next three months, announced Mr. Sanjay Dubey, the principal secretary of energy. Moreover, all government buildings will be equipped with solar energy systems.

The mayor also states that solar panels will be on all the multi-story buildings of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) and alongside the pools across the city.

“We are aiming to achieve a milestone in the next year for Indore to get the national-level award in this category” adds Mr. Bhargav.

Indore has already begun implementing the first phase of the plan, which involves installing solar systems in all houses of 22 colonies across 22 zones. In the next phase, another 85 colonies across 85 wards will be covered to create fully solar-powered colonies.

The city is soon going to launch an expansive campaign to connect 25,000 power consumers with the rooftop solar net meter scheme. Moreover, the solarization process of 1400 government buildings has already begun.

Apart from this, the city is planning to provide a 6% rebate in building map approval fees on 1,500 sq. ft or bigger plots, if the applicant is installing solar panels at the site.

Mr. Dubey encouraged people to come forward and use solar energy to reduce their carbon footprint. He added that consumers can recover the cost of installing solar in just 5 years and generate free electricity for the next 20 years. Moreover, the subsidy for installing a rooftop solar power system will be credited to the consumer’s account within seven days of commissioning the plant.

The city also provides a net metering facility and the power department can install a net meter in just one day.

Not just Indore, many state governments have embarked on the solar city mission in the past few months. Varanasi government plans to solarize 25,000 households in the next 2 months. Moreover, Uttar Pradesh is all set to unveil Ayodhya as a solar city in January 2024.

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Resource: The Times of India

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