Maharashtra Raises Net Metering Cap to 5 MW
Maharashtra Raises Net Metering Cap to 5 MW


  • Consumers can now avail net metering for a rooftop solar installation of up to 5 MW capacity
  • The move aims to encourage rooftop solar adoption among commercial and industrial sector

The Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (MERC) has increased the net metering cap to 5 MW or the sanctioned load of consumers (whichever is lower). Now, consumers can install a rooftop solar plant of up to 5 MW capacity and avail net metering facility.

Previously, net metering was capped at 1 MW capacity.

This move aims to increase the adoption of rooftop solar among commercial and industrial consumers. The new amendments to the electricity regulation, further allow consumers to avail group net metering, virtual net metering, net billing, or behind-the-meter billing.

Net metering is a mechanism in which consumers can export their surplus generated energy to the grid and be compensated for it. The DISCOM buys this energy at the same tariff that they sell their energy at and adjusts the amount in a consumer’s account.

Virtual and group net metering, on the other hand, are innovative mechanisms that allow consumers to share the net metering benefits among a group or across premises.

Recently, MERC had also updated its rules for green open access. The commission has made it easier for industrial and commercial consumers to buy green energy from the open market. The most notable change was the reduction in minimum load requirement to 100kW from the previous 1 MW.

Maharashtra is making significant strides in facilitating the state’s green energy transition. Moreover, the state is focusing on every sector to achieve this goal. In April 2023, the state government announced plans to lease farmers’ land to set up solar feeders. Additionally, four more locations of the Central Railway in Maharashtra have begun sourcing energy through rooftop solar plants.

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Resource: Mercom India

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