• PMRC plans to turn all elevated and underground metro stations into green buildings.
  • Solar panels will be installed on buildings and sheds of the elevated stations.
  • The initiative will help the organization reduce its carbon footprint and ensure continuous power supply to all stations.

Patna Metro Rail Corporation (PMRC) is planning to turn all metro stations into green buildings. A spokesperson from PMRC stated that grid-connected rooftop solar plants will be installed at selected elevated stations and maintenance depots.

The project is modelled after the Delhi metro and will be implemented by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (DMRC), the nodal agency of the Patna metro project. The generated solar energy will power auxiliary services at the stations such as elevators, escalators, lighting, signaling, telecommunication, firefighting, and fare collection system.

“The solar panels installed on the rooftop of the metro stations will generate clean and green energy, which will aid constant power supply at Patna metro stations,” says a PMRC spokesperson.

Panels will be mounted on all available buildings and sheds in elevated stations. The installed modules are expected to generate a total of 6.5 MWh of electricity every day. The official also explained that the power requirement for each elevated metro station is 200-300kW, while that of the underground station is 1500-2000kW.

The energy would be also transported to the underground stations through a proposed depot near Patliputra Bus Terminal. Further, all the proposed elevated and underground metro stations are being designed in an energy-efficient manner, to accommodate solar panels along with rainwater harvesting and waste management systems.

“This initiative for Patna metro will not only reduce the reliance on non-renewable sources of energy but is also in line with the central government’s target of achieving 50% cumulative electric power from renewable resources by 2030 and achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2070. This initiative is also in line with the measures suggested by Bihar Renewable Energy Development Agency (BREDA) towards adopting sustainable construction practices,” the officials said.

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Resource: The Times of India

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