• CM Ashok Gehlot presents Rajasthan Budget 2023-24
  • The state plans to install new solar plants of 11,000 MW capacity in the coming years.
  • The state has announced multiple incentives to promote solar installations, including a reduction in electricity duty and an exemption from banking charges.

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot presented the Rajasthan budget 2023-24 on Friday, 10th February 2023, with multiple incentives for the solar sector. The state government is targeting the installation of 11,000 MW of new renewable energy capacity in the coming years.

Here are the key points that were covered in the document:

  • Considering the industry demand, the budget proposes a reduction of electricity duty on solar energy, from 60 paisa to 40 paisa per unit.
  • Solar projects will get a 100% exemption from land tax for seven years.
  • The cap on captive solar power projects has been removed.
  • The new budget allows 100% banking of energy and no restriction on withdrawals during peak hours for captive solar power plants. 100% banking, wheeling, and transmission charges have been waived.
  • Industries are now permitted to install captive solar plants with capacities higher than the contractual demand.
  • The Bhadla-bikaner bulk power corridor has been proposed to evacuate renewable energy to ease demand.
  • The state government will set up 15 new sub-station for 15KV and 6 sub-stations for 220 KV. These additional substations will aid in converting the received DC power into high-voltage AC power, before injecting it into the transmission lines.
  • In another bold move, the government will set up an ‘advanced data analytics based integrated data and command centre’ to help with demand forecasting and scheduling.

Rajasthan is India’s top solar-powered state with a capacity of 16 GW. In the last decade, the state government has been consistently promoting rooftop and utility-scale solar installations in the region, to harness the widely available solar energy resource. At the start of the year, the Indian President laid the foundation for a mega 1 GW project in the western state.

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Resource: The Times of India

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