Solar Installations rise in MP


  • Solar installations in Western MP increased from 4900 in 2022 to 8,550 this year
  • The cumulative solar capacity through these installations has reached 110 MW.

Solar panel installations have increased by 75% in the past year in Western Madhya Pradesh. In the May-June period last year, 4900 solar plants in 15 districts were generating clean energy . This year, this number has grown to 8,550, as per the spokesperson of Madhya Pradesh Western Power Distribution Company.

Plants were installed over the hospitals, and government building apart from residences. Moreover, the cumulative solar capacity has reached 110 MW. Officials state that these installations produce electricity worth at least ₹5 crore monthly during summer.

Moreover, the state offers net metering facility which allows individuals to send their surplus energy to the grid. Due to this, solar consumers enjoy a 30-60% reduction in monthly electricity bills.

Additionally, Indore has emerged as the top generator of solar power, with over 5000 installations. Madhya Pradesh government is also planning to develop Indore and Sanchi as solar cities.

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Resource: ET Energy

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