9 Solar Parks with a Total 7+ GW Capacity to Come Up in Rajasthan


  • The Centre identified 9 solar park projects in the western state of Rajasthan.
  • The utility-scale solar plants fall under the ‘Development of solar parks and Ultra Mega Solar Power Projects’ scheme by MNRE.

Under the ‘Development of Solar Parks and Ultra Mega Solar Power Projects‘ scheme, the Indian government has approved 57 solar parks, with an aggregate capacity of 39,385 MW across 13 states, said Mr. R.K Singh, Minister of New and Renewable Energy. Out of this, as many as 9 solar parks have been identified in Rajasthan.

The aggregate capacity of this project would be 7,036 MW. Moreover, the approved list of solar projects includes:

  • Bhadla-II Solar Park (680 MW),
  • Bhadla-III Solar Park (1000 MW),
  • Phalodi-Pokhran Solar Park (750 MW),
  • Fatehgarh Phase-1B Solar Park (421 MW),
  • Nokh Solar Park (925 MW),
  • Pugal Solar Park Phase-I (1000 MW),
  • Pugal Solar Park Phase-II (450 MW)
  • RVUN Solar Park (1310 MW).

In the written reply to Lok Sabha, the power minister also states that the centre has taken multiple steps to promote renewable energy in the country. FDI of up to 100% is allowed in the renewable energy sector, with no prior government approval needed. Moreover, the centre has waived ISTS charges for the interstate sale of solar and wind power for projects that are to be commissioned by June 30, 2025.

Moreover, Rajasthan has become a highly desirable location for establishing renewable energy (RE) projects, particularly in the solar energy sector. With a capacity of over 16 GW, Rajasthan is the top solar-powered state in India. Moreover, this desert state is targeting 11,000 MW of renewable energy capacity additions in the new Rajasthan Budget 2023.

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Resource: The Times of India

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