India’s Solar Energy Capacity Reached 64.38 GW by Feb-end 2023


  • The nation’s renewable energy capacity reached 168.96 GW, with solar accounting for 38% of this capacity
  • About 52 GW of solar capacity remains under the implementation stage.

As of February-end 2023, India’s cumulative installed renewable energy capacity was 168.96 GW, Union minister of Power and Renewable energy, R.K Singh informed the parliament. The breakdown of this figure is as follows:

Solar Energy 64.38 GW
Wind Energy 42.02 GW
Hydropower 51.79 GW
Bio-power 10.77 GW
Total renewable energy 168.96 GW


The data presented at the parliament also revealed that about 52 GW of solar capacity is currently under implementation. Moreover, a majority of these projects are located in Rajasthan and Gujarat.

About 23 GW of solar capacity is to be implemented in Rajasthan and is expected to be commissioned between March 2023 and November 2026. Gujarat currently has 8 GW of solar capacity in the execution phase. Rajasthan and Gujarat occupy the first and second positions among the top solar states of India.

“Rajasthan has been the leader in solar capacity additions over the past few years due to better irradiation potential sites. The State gets a high quantum of good sunshine days every year. Also, better availability of large contiguous, non-agricultural land helps in developing bigger projects at the single site which can utilize economies of scale,” says Manish Gupta, Senior Director, CRISIL Ratings.

Further, about 40 GW of solar capacity is under tendering stage across the country.

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Resource: ET Energy

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