Install Solar Panels Over all


  • Punjab Govt. planning to solarize all government buildings.
  • A letter, seeking consent to install solar panels, was sent to all departments.
  • The initiative will reduce state electricity costs and generate hundreds of jobs

Punjab Government is planning to solarize all government buildings in the state. Mr. Aman Arora, the New and Renewable Sources Energy Minister, has said that a letter, has been sent to all state departments of Punjab. The document requests consent for the installation of solar panels on office buildings.

The letter also includes the guideline to appoint a ‘nodal officer’ for each department to coordinate with Punjab Energy Development Agency (PEDA) and facilitate the change.
Apart from reducing the electricity cost to the Punjab government, the initiative is expected to generate hundreds of direct and indirect jobs and reduce the burden on the overloaded distribution network.

Mr. Arora also declared that PEDA has already installed rooftop solar plants of 88 MW capacity over government buildings, which have been successfully generating electricity. With this switch to solar, Punjab is striving to decarbonize its power sector.

In recent years, Punjab has made significant strides to strengthen its clean energy infrastructure. On 21st November, the state government announced plans to install 300MW solar power projects, including canal-top solar and floating solar projects in Punjab. The total cost of this massive project is estimated to be around ₹1500 crores.

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Resource: ET EnergyWorld

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