Punjab to Solarize police stations


  • Ludhiana police has inaugurated rooftop solar plants, with a total capacity of 120kW, over 13 police stations.
  • The project, developed under the ‘ujaala – ek changi shuruat’, scheme, will be implemented across the entire state.

Mr. Gaurav Yadav, Punjab Director General of Police (DGP), inaugurated 13 rooftop solar power plants in Ludhiana. Moreover, Ludhiana Police plans to solarize all 28 stations under its authority soon.

A cumulative 120kW solar capacity has been installed under the project, which is equivalent to planting 5,500 teak trees. These installations will help reduce approximately 180 metric tonnes of carbon emissions and result in an annual savings of ₹12 lakh.

The project was executed under the new ‘Ujaala – Ek Changi Shuruat’ scheme and Ludhiana is the first city to implement the same. Further, Punjab plans to cover all 400 police stations with solar panels as part of the scheme.

The plants have been set up under the Net Metering Policy, which allows consumers to earn compensations for their surplus solar energy that they send back to the grid. The DGP hopes the new clean energy additions will transform the policy stations into green police stations and inspire others to adopt renewable energy sources.

The Punjab government has set ambitious plans for the state’s green energy transition and has introduced multiple initiatives towards the same. In 2022, Punjab announced plans to solarize all government buildings in the state. Further, this year Punjab launched the state action plan with the primary goal of developing Amritsar as a solar city.

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Resource: The Hindustan Times

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